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Call for Abstracts Open for March 17, 2016 Government and Regulatory Affairs Workshop

Visit OWEA's Call for Abstracts page for full information.

Abstracts are due December 1, 2015.  

Update on Great Lakes Provisions in Senate Bill 1645 Section 428
Section 428 of S. 1645 would require all publicly-owned wastewater treatment agencies that discharge directly or indirectly to the Great Lakes to eliminate all combined sewer overflows (CSO), including those discharged in compliance with a CSO Long Term Control Plan (LTCP); and, it would prohibit agencies from discharging blended effluent that otherwise meets standards established in an agency's National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit during peak wet weather events. WEF and NACWA are encouranging you to contact your members of Congress regarding this bill.  You can find more info and letter templates at Great Lakes Legislation Resources.

If you are a direct or indirect discharger to the Great Lakes, please fill out the Great Lakes Discharger Survey.

OWEAOWEA Letter to Senator Sherrod Brown
OWEAOWEA Letter to Senator Rob Portman
Links to your Members of Congress for submitting your letters:
Presentation Handouts from WEF's webinar "Analysis and Call to Action Against Congressional Policy Rider to Restrict Bypassing and CSO Discharges"

To learn more about serving on OWEA's Government and Regulatory Affairs Committee,
please contact Committee Chair Dale Kocarek

Interested Party Reviews and Early Stakeholder Outreach
The Government and Regulatory Affairs Committee is undergoing some changes to bring critical and important information to our members in an expedient manner. This is part of the implementation of the Strategic Planning process that President Frommer has been discussing over the last six months. One of the recommendations was to provide short informational bytes on hot topics, which are easy to read. The purpose of this is to keep our members informed on recent and developing events. It is hoped that such information will also provide you wish information to allow you to make prompt and informed decisions based on the needs of your particular community. 
The Ohio Water Environment Association has also been asked by the Ohio EPA to help get its message out to proposed interested party reviews. This is part of the collaborative process that Director Butler and his staff has been advocating. The Ohio EPA has found that its Early Stakeholder and Interested Party Reviews are an essential part of the public communication process necessary to bring forth good and effective rules for the citizens of the State of Ohio. 
The role of OWEA in this process is twofold:OWEA in this process is twofold:
  • Provide our members with timely information as or before it hits the streets
  • Provide reviews on the technical merit and application of the proposed rules based on the application of sound science and the appropriate use of regulation
OWEAOWEA is willing to work with its member base to develop a letter of response to the Ohio EPA as long as the comments refer to the general nature of the rule and not specific permits or case examples. 

Ohio EPA Documents Available For Comment are available at
For additional information or clarification, please contact Dale Kocarek at (614) 486-4383 or at

Members - if you are interested in serving on OWEA's Technical Review Group, click here.

Technical Review Guidelines:
Please remember the following requirements when performing a review, which allows OWEA to maintain our 501(c)(3) status:OWEA to maintain our 501(c)(3) status:
  • Comments should reflect your role as a volunteer, not your organization
  • Review for technical content only
  • When raising questions, provide technical back-up
  • No reference to a community
  • No opinions or personal preference may be provided
  • Please keep comments positive and focused on the large issues, not smaller petty issues.
If community representatives do not wish to submit comments to OWEA, we do encourage you to review and submit comments on behalf of your community. OWEA, we do encourage you to review and submit comments on behalf of your community.