Operators Corner

Do you need to renew your OEPA Wastewater or Water License this year or Submit a course for Contact Hours?

Similar to most EPA processes, this year the License Renewals can be completed online using the Ohio EPA e-business Center, https://ebiz.epa.ohio.gov/.

Operators are still able to renew using the paper version that is mailed into OEPA but OEPA is trying to transition to the e-biz website for future renewals.

In order to use this electronic process, Operators will need an Ohio EPA eBusiness Center Account PIN.  Once you have an active PIN, the process to renew is very simple.
Please follow website links below for information on Operator Certification, License Renewal and Contact Hour Approval.

eBiz FAQ's

I already have a username, password, and PIN number, because I submit our water/wastewater reports. Do I need to follow the information in this letter?
Yes. This letter addresses the Training Provider and is different from the Operator functions (i.e. submitting reports, applying for exams, renewing certificates). Each Training Provider has submitted the name of a contact person on a Contact Hour Course Application to manage their training program. This contact person will act on behalf of the Training Provider when submitting course applications, schedules, and attendance to Ohio EPA. A Training Provider contact person may also be a certified operator, and will therefore have a separate login and PIN for their personal Operator functions.

I am not the only person involved in teaching courses or submitting approval applications for our Training Provider organization. Do I share this username and password information with everyone?
No. Each Training Provider needs to designate one responsible contact person to manage the Training Provider account on the eBusiness Center. This contact person will manage the course schedule uploads, attendance uploads, and the submission of new contact hour course applications. Your organization may wish to create a team or workgroup to create training courses, develop training schedules, and compile attendance records; however one contact person will log into eBiz to upload and submit the information.

Can multiple contact people for our Training Provider organization have separate logins and manage one Training Provider account?
No. Each Training Provider account has been created based on the course approval information in the Operator Certification database. You should not be creating multiple accounts for one Training Provider, as there is no way to link these accounts to one Training Provider and the corresponding courses in that catalog. There should be one contact person for one Training Provider account.

The letter asks me to update the contact information for my organization, and the account I have logged into has Ohio EPA contact information in it.
Do I leave the business name, phone number, address, and email set to the Ohio EPA information provided? Do I change it to my personal contact information?

Yes. The accounts were created with generic Ohio EPA contact information in order to generate a Username and Password for each account. The screen shot images included in the instruction documents provide an example of the screen you should be viewing once you are able to log in, and in some cases, highlight the button/link you will need to perform the function. The generic Ohio EPA account information should be changed to your Training Provider contact information, and not your personal Operator information.

Primary and secondary phone numbers and email addresses will need to be changed to reflect current contact information for your organization. Please be sure you SAVE the changes you make.  Once you have updated and saved the information you will receive an email indicating your account has been updated.  If you do not receive this email go back into ebiz and review your account to insure all of your information is included.

Please Note:

The Ohio Water Environment Association is in the process of updating and uploading attendee lists and contact hour numbers to eBiz.

As reported by the Ohio EPA Certification Department, you are still able to use the OWEA Training Receipt that is provided to you when attending event.                 

If you have questions, or need a copy of your OWEA Coursework Attendance report, please contact the Ohio Water Environment Association at 614-488-5800 or email info@ohiowea.org.