The Ohio Water Environment Association

The Ohio Water Environment Association is a non-profit, wastewater related organization with over 2000 members dedicated to the education, preservation, and enhancement of our most precious natural resource ... WATER.

Founded in 1926, OWEA has grown to meet the challenges of our ever-changing environment. OWEA is one of the early members of the Water Environment Federation.

OWEA is divided into four sections, each having its own governing structure. These sections allow these areas further involvement with the affairs of their particular region, and offer members an opportunity to participate in our Association without extensive travel. This also offers members the ability to work closely with others in our profession, offer peer support, discuss problems, and arrive at appropriate solutions.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Ohio Water Environment Association is to:

  • Educate our members through sharing information and networking

  • Educate the public on preserving and enhancing our water quality

  • Be proactive on water environment issues

  • Build a positive professional image within and outside the Association

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